About Martha


Martha D Lewis drives a spirited project of new jazz-infused songs for the new CD release Spring 2019

Martha D Lewis continues on a vast varied and ever-evolving  musical journey.

Martha D Lewis presented and was a singer in the Globally released feature-film documentary entitled ‘My Sweet Canary’ by the award-winning director Roy Sher.

The film about the life and work of the first Lady of the Greek Blues – Roza Eskenazy – inspired Martha’s latest release ‘Homage To Roza’ .

Featuring the legendary drummer Jack De Johnette, the album was a stimulating new contribution to the margins and borders of World music fusing the urban blues of Athens in the 1920’s with Urban London. The courageous interpretations and arrangements of music from 20’s-50’s marked the meeting and melting pot of Eastern Mediterranean music and contemporary jazz.

Martha D Lewis’ new project will lead a spirited, high powered ensemble of top-class musicians and producers from the Jazz World and Rock music stage to communicate her vision as a Jazz singer-songwriter.

Biography in brief

  • Performing and Recording artist in Contemporary Jazz and World Music
  • Multi – instrumentalist / session musician : vocals, guitar, percussion
  • International touring and ‘Live’ TV and Radio experience.
  • Presenter and featured singer in a 2011 globally released feature-film documentary about The Greek Blues, My Sweet Canary.
  • Presenter of a BBC documentary about The Greek Blues entitled  ‘Music of the Outsiders’.
  • Director of Independent record label ‘Budd’ since 1995.
  • Composer and Songwriter with a catalogue of some 70 songs and works broadcasted on TV,Film and Radio.
  • Numerous commissions for compositions including from London Arts Board, the Arts Council, PRS foundation.
  • Educator in Performance and Vocal Skills


  • British-born Cypriot Martha Demetri Lewis’ career was launched with the much-acclaimed award winning music-comedy duo Donna & Kebab in the early 1990s. This long term and ongoing creative partnership with singer musician actress Eve Polycarpou rapidly accumulated TV, radio and theatre credits. The duo have toured throughout UK Europe and Middle East.
  • In 1995, renamed Martha and Eve the duo focused their attention on their prolific songwriting skills and have recorded three albums, a club single and a DVD of their show ‘Live at the Hackney Empire’. This creative partnership continues. View www.marthaandeve.co.uk for more details. 
  • Martha’s solo project ‘Café Aman’ was launched in 1999 following a commission by The Arts Council of Great Britain for a 30-minute musical work. This work was broadcast by BBC Radio 3 in its entirety and began her journey as a composer. Martha has since received numerous commissions for music work including further works for the Arts Council, PRS foundation, London Arts Board, music festivals, a short film, theatre plays as well as title and incidental music for documentaries. 
  • Martha holds a Master’s Degree in Songwriting and a B.A (Hons) Music Degree.
  • Concerts and Festivals played numerous times include: Royal Festival Hall, Queen Elizabeth Hall, Purcell Rooms,The Jazz Cafe , Royal Academy of the Arts, Glastonbury Festival, EFG London Jazz Festival, Reading Festival, Brighton Festival, Bath Jazz Festival, Small Nations, Brighton Fringe, City of London Festival, Thames Festival, Cheltenham Festival, Latitude Festival, Chichester Festival.
  • All Albums available on all digital outlets as well as HMV retail.
  • A physical copy of the albums is also available via our easy to use SHOP page.

Discography includes:

5 album releases
A club single
A DVD ‘Live’ at The Hackney Empire’

Industry Awards

Best Newcomer – Time Out Award
Best of New 2007 New Releases – BBC Radio London
Life Time Achievement Award – LGR