“A distinctly live wire of musical independence and a formidable voice. Lewis has a yearning upturn to her voice to go with its majestic and clamorous power. The music of Martha Lewis is a unique cultural crossover driven by a charismatic leader, that is as much about changing London as it is about Mediterranean roots and that burns a volatile fuel of European folk music, modern technology, pop influence and jazz improvisation”.
John Fordham Guardian


“Here, World Music collides with the ‘Dark side of the moon’ era of Pink Floyd. Powerful drums and mantra like vocal delivery highlight the feeling of spirituality which infuses the pieces.”
Absolute World.


“Martha Lewis’ Cafe Aman project marries the urban blues of the cafes of Athens in the 1920s with urban London. Martha grew up in London and her dance- friendly world music, takes in tango, classical music and Greek rhythms and provides a nostalgic and lyrical background to her striking vocal lead.”
Jazz and Blues


“Lewis’ unique crossover style , trademark passionate, sonorous vocals and haunting melodies lie on a bed of sonic Mediterranean beats”
BBC Radio


“The Festival scene is richer for the presence of Martha D Lewis – Café Aman”


“Held together by the passionate almost eerie vocals of songstress Martha Lewis”
Evening Standard


“this expert nine piece orchestra with strings, accordion, and a powerful rhythm section, create a potent mix which is set to provide a beguiling new sound on the live scene.”
Brighton Festival